Functional Medicine Practitioner Reviews

“Before I met Dr. Kalish, I was unable to develop a comprehensive approach to Functional Medicine that was easy to understand, and implement. But since I chose The Kalish Method for my own clinic in 2007, we have been enormously impressed with patient results. Now you can use this system to grow your own practice.”
Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
“The Kalish Method thoroughly investigates every patient to find ways to improve how they feel and perform. The focus is holistic, and it successfully uses lab-based methods in conjunction with a balance of nutrition, diet, exercise, and mindfulness, to help patients achieve their best state of wellness.”
Dr. David Mulligan, MD, Chief of Transplant Surgery, The Mayo Clinic
“I gave a lunch and learn talk today at a local corporate office on stress management and adrenals. I am only in week 5 of The Kalish Method Mentorship, but the material we covered has already become part of my dialogue with patients. Due to the in-depth knowledge I recently gained through the Kalish Method Mentorship, I felt so much confidence and conviction during my presentation, which was portrayed and proven by the measurable and amazing results I received. There were 17 people attending, and 14 people made appointments for a consultation!!!! I look forward to continuing learning more and helping people with the Kalish Method.”
Dr. Victoria Le, DC, Irving, TX
“I’ve been practicing Functional Medicine as a chiropractic physician for over thirty years. I’ve always believed that if you want to be sucessful at something, find someone who is very sucessful who is already doing it and learn from them. It’s stupid (in my opinion) to try to “reinvent the wheel” because you want to save a few dollars. In the first twelve weeks of study with Dr. Kalish, I made back more than what it cost me for his program. The problem in functional medicine is that there are a number of successful doctors out there who do teach, but their method of practice is difficult to reproduce. Dr. Kalish uses lab testing which any doctor can use and apply successfully.”
Dr. Vernon Redd, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“What amazed me the most was the genuine willingness of Dr. Kalish to share his knowledge, and practical experience through all the mentors and real people he was faced along the years. I sure gained more confidence, networking support, methods & protocols that work. I believe it will support my future years of practice to come in a very positive manner.”
Chen Ben Asher, NC Cupertino, California

“I am a conventionally trained OB/GYN. I have also been practicing Functional Medicine for almost 2 years. I attended every event and tried to implement as many therapies as I could. I was so haphazard without a good system. All the training courses I took didn’t offer this. I was skeptical about joining Level 1 because I felt I already knew the info, man was I wrong. I did know the info but the way Dr. Kalish taught it, I was able to implement and follow through. The Kalish Method pays for itself.”
Orlandis Wells, MD, Henderson, Nevada
“Best training course I ever took. Life changing to myself personally and to my practice! Dr. Kalish is an inspiration and a great mentor!”
Derek Taylor, DC, Torrance, California
“I would highly recommend taking Dr. Kalish’s Functional Medicine Training Program. It has been an enlightening and life-changing experience for my patients and me. Before meeting Dr. Kalish, I was attempting to learn the art of treating patients with Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and was floundering to say the least. I had attended numerous seminars, none of which had any consistency to the content and wound up feeling confused and lost. I wasn’t happy, my patients were not all that happy, and I was leaning towards giving up that part of my practice. Dr. Kalish’s class taught me to approach patients in a nontraditional (to Western Medicine) but very consistent and logical manner. He teaches one to find the reason for one’s ailment, rather than just covering up the symptoms with medications. His approach, focusing on the Three Body Systems, is universal to both men and women. His class teaches you not only how to approach and treat patients, but you also learn basic principles of operation so that your business can grow and thrive. He will give you guidelines to become successful in your practice. He is a great mentor to anyone who is willing to learn.”
Nancy E. Boyden, Nurse Practitioner, Washington

“This has been a very valuable training program. I have really expanded my knowledge base about treating the root cause of disease and doing it in a safe and efficacious manner that respects normal physiology while taking the individual into account. My patients are getting better and without this training and the system to follow, it would take a lot more trial and error. Having direct support available for questions has been extremely helpful as well. Great program!”
Melody Keller, ND, Glendive, Montana
“Dr. Kalish’s program is wonderful in its simplicity and can quickly be added to any existing practice with profound results. Professionally as an acupuncturist and personally as someone who has suffered many years with gluten related symptoms, this program was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend it. Thanks Dr. Dan!”
Dr. Jeffrey Y. Parisi, Sarasota, Florida
“The experience Dr. Kalish has shines through his very enthusiastic and caring presentations. I love his simple approach and that makes him stand out as one of the great teachers of Functional Medicine. For me it has given me a really simple approach to use in my practice, and it has given me a framework to be safe in.”
Dr. Thomas Lyspiil, Copenhagen, DENMARK
“I’ve applied the methods learned in the training with my patients and have had some phenomenal successes. As an example, I have one patient who is extremely adrenal deficient just by appearance. When she went on the recommended gluten-free diet, she started feeling better, which increased her confidence in me dramatically, which has led to more referrals from her.”
Shawn Soszka, ND, Lac, Portland, Oregon
“I have gone through other Functional Medicine programs, and have learned a ton of great information. However, being able to take that information and apply it in your practice, without turning it completely upside down, has been a challenge. Dr. Kalish leads you through the steps of implementing the program, piece by piece, so there is no “crash” in your practice. When you explain the testing to patients, most of them are not only willing to do it, but are excited about finding answers to their health problems that many have had for years and were not getting any answers or results with “traditional” methods.”
William Scalise DC, CCN, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
“I found Dr. Kalish’s program to be very beneficial to my practice. I have been doing Functional Medicine for 10 years and found that Dr. Kalish’s program has stopped me from having to re-invent the wheel with every new patient, making for a smoother running office and less stressful for me and my staff.”
Dr. Gary Taylor, Columbus Georgia
“I have spent the last three years and thousands of dollars following the “Functional Medicine” circuit to learn and implement this type of information in my practice. Although I gained valuable information, I was never able to successfully apply it in my clinic when I returned. Either the learning curve was too high, or the options were seemingly endless when it came to lab testing and protocols. This made it very confusing and often prevented me from doing a good job of communicating with the patient and left me “guessing” on what I actually needed to do to help them. Dr. Kalish’s method was the very first one that was organized in a way that allowed me to easily get started in my clinic. His “simple” approach to this complex information made it very easy to learn and gave me the confidence to get started after our first class. Finally I have a well proven system to actively attract and engage clients, as well as, a proven system to get them the results that they desire. I have had more success in the 3 short months of implementing Dr. Kalish’s method than I did in the previous 3 years trying the other methods.”
Dr. Tunis Hunt, Charlotte, North Carolina
“The business model Dr. Kalish showed us probably saved me a year or two of time that I would have spent struggling the hard way to learn! It was incredibly valuable and I’m truly grateful. I not only learned a powerful system, but also valuable clinical skills to help me help clients. He’s truly a great educator and mentor. Learning how to assess labs for cortisol testing is a powerful tool that has transformed my business and the way I view my practice. Thank you!”
Dr. Deirdre Rawlings, Peachtree City, Georgia
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