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Thousands of doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists study functional medicine with us, including staff of the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mercola’s Optimum Health Clinic.

Learn with other like-minded professionals. Share your experiences and gain new insights.

We teach practice solutions designed to generate a healthy income for you based on a stress-relieving work schedule. Profitability equals sustainability.

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Functional Medicine Courses

Kalish Institute Reviews

Vernon Redd

The Kalish mentorship was exactly what I needed at this stage in my career. The training has opened up so many ways I can be a more effective practitioner.

Vernon Redd

Duncan Macdonald, LAc

To me, the absolute most exciting thing about Dr. Kalish’s course is the immediate applicability of the material.  The way he has the material organized and the accessibility of him and other great practitioners through the Kalish Community means I’ve never felt without guidance. Duncan Macdonald, LAc

Amy Byers, NP

I was able to leave the conventional medical system and open my own private functional medicine practice where I can deliver care in the way I want to. Amy Byers, NP


No other functional medicine educational program offers the comprehensive approach of the Kalish Method.

home-about-kalishAbout Kalish – Institute for Functional Medicine

After coaching individual doctors one on one and leading seminars in functional medicine for a decade I realized that weekend workshops weren’t addressing the need for in depth clinician training and for a community of practitioners to come together to share information. To address these issues I realized a larger vision of what could be possible with functional medicine education and started the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine in 2006.

Moving from an in-person teaching model to an online platform was a big step as was setting up a curriculum that could fully convey all the information needed to set up and run a functional medicine practice. My goals from the beginning remain the same to this day: providing every educational resource required to acquire clinical competence and at the same time weaving in all the “how to’s” that are often missing from other trainings. From “how to talk to a new patient” to “how to interpret a GI lab and design a program” all the way to “how to set up an EMR and get referrals.”

I wanted to share every aspect of my clinical and business knowledge and have a highly condensed, one stop shopping experience for people ready to take the plunge into the world of functional medicine.

Throughout these past ten years of online instruction the Kalish Institute has grown into a community of active, progressive, like-minded practitioners all working for the betterment of their patients’ health. We attract health care practitioners that imbue qualities like integrity, compassion and a devotion to our profession. Now in our second decade, I plan to continue to advance our technology platform to deliver the most enriching classroom learning experience and facilitate connections between practitioners worldwide.




This book breaks down the twenty plus years of experience that Dr. Kalish has obtained helping doctors build their own successful functional medicine practices into five manageable pillars.


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