Is this program right for me?


Will this really work?


What can I expect to learn?

Q: What is The Kalish Method Mentorship™ of functional medicine?

What is My Practice Plan?

Q: How is The Kalish Method Mentorship different from other models and training programs?

Q: Is Dr. Kalish still practicing?

Q: Can I do this work if I already use muscle testing in my practice?

Q: What is the format of the Kalish Method Mentorship™, and how does it work?

Q: Are there prerequisites for the Kalish Method training programs?

Q: Can I expect Dr. Kalish to answer my questions regarding practice building and management?

Q: When do the weekly Q & A classes take place?

Q: What if I miss a weekly Q&A class? Are the classes recorded?

Q: Will there be homework during the training?

Q: Will there be a test or examination at the end of the training?

Q: What kind of certification do you offer?

Q: Do you offer CEU’s?

Q: Do you have a chat community?

Q: Are there one-on-one calls with Dr. Kalish?

Q: How long will I have access to the training program materials?

Q: What will I be able to do when I am done with the Kalish Method Mentorship™?

Q: After completing a course will I be able to do phone consultations with clients?

Q: Do I need a certain license to be able to take the course or practice functional medicine?

Q: What if I need more coaching after a course is completed. What are my options?

Q: Do you have a practitioner directory that I will be included in upon the completion?

Q: How do I incorporate functional medicine into my current practice?

Q: How do you make money with functional medicine when services are not covered by insurance?

Q: How much does the Kalish Method Mentorship™ cost?

Q: If I choose the monthly payment option is my card charged automatically each month?

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Q: Are there any other costs that I should expect to incur in the course of this training?

Q: I am still in school – do you offer a student discount?

Q: What tools are required to take this course? Do I have to buy any equipment or software?

Q: What kind of testing is involved?

Q: Will I need to set up accounts with lab companies?

Q: Will I need to set up accounts with supplement companies?

Q: I live outside the US – will I be able to set up accounts with the recommended lab companies?

Q: Does Dr. Kalish sell his line of supplements to other practitioners?

  • A student may drop/withdraw from the 1 Year Mentorship within 30 calendar days of purchase for a 100% refund
  • All other courses (Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Patient Education) may withdraw from class within 7 days of purchase for a 100% refund
  • Withdrawal notice must be sent in via email to [email protected] within the drop period to be considered for a refund
  • A notice of receipt of refund request will be emailed to student within 48 hours of the email being received by the Kalish Institute (Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM PT)
  • If the student does not receive an email notice of receipt than the refund request has not been received and the student should resend immediately
  • No refund requests will be accepted beyond the specified refund policy
  • Absenteeism or failure to begin a class does not reduce a student’s financial obligation
  • Students who are beyond the refund date may drop the class and re-enroll within 12 calendar months of the original enrollment date
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