Functional Medicine Courses & Programs


Practice Management Fundamentals

Come join Dr. Kalish for a clinician centered exploration of the business skills required to run a profitable practice. Topics include business plans, financial planning, sales, marketing and operations. Build the practice that is right for you.

  • 15+ hrs online lessons
  • Step by step process
  • Set up effective systems
  • Worksheets, email templates, …


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Functional Medicine Fundamentals

Enhance your practice by focusing on patient communication skills and supplement program design. The course is designed for all practitioners new to functional medicine, from health coaches to doctors and for experienced providers who struggle with patient compliance and patient motivation.

  • 10+ Hours of Online Lessons
  • 14 Simple Protocols
  • Module Reviews
  • Downloadable Resources


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6-Month Organic Acids Mentorship

Created for those wishing to master organic acids lab interpretation, Dr. Kalish presents how to analyze labs and create life changing supplement programs for patients. This course includes the latest research findings of the original developer of the test, Dr. Richard Lord.

  • 6-Month Guided Mentoring
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Community Exchange
  • Online Lessons & Case Library


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6-Month Kalish Method Mentorship

Developed for those seeking a true mentorship experience. You will learn to practice the Kalish Method™ of functional medicine, a simple yet powerful model of functional medicine. Case based learning presented in a supportive environment of like minded practitioners. It’s like having Dr. Kalish in your treatment room.

  • 6-Month Guided Mentoring
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Community Exchange
  • Online Lessons & Case Library


Integrating self-paced lectures, weekly live calls and active learning community, the Kalish Method concentrates on practical learning you can directly apply to improve your patients’ health outcomes.

Kalish Institute Other Programs
Functional Medicine Application Functional Medicine Theory
Case Based Practical Learning Research Study Based Learning
Specific Product Recommendations Supporting Science Behind Supplement Explained
Individual Cases, Specific Treatment Protocols Theoretical Models Explained
Online: Study Anywhere, Anytime In-Person Seminars: Requires Travel, Missed Work
Integrated Complete FM Treatment Model Independent Modules
Active Group Learning and Community with Peers Isolated Educational Experience
Focused Single-Model Treatment Program Overly Broad, Excellent Information, Hard To Apply
Business Training Guided By Business Expert Business Training/Expert Lacking
Practice Building Instruction Referral-Based Practice Building Based On High Pressure Sales
Clear Treatment Map/Business Model Great Information/Vague Implementation
For Use with Any Patient Base For Use with Any Patient Base