Menopausal Protocols

Menopausal Protocols
These are starting, general protocols to use with any woman who is in menopause. Recognize that the labs will show variations where you can choose if you want to use more Progesterone support or Estrogen support depending on the woman’s response in addition to the lab values. First Program: Progon B 8 drops 2x/ day. This is a plant-based natural Progesterone in liquid form (best absorbed by swallowing down, not holding in mouth). You can use this as a standalone protocol if you don’t want to use any Estrogen support. Second Program: Phyto B L 4x (8 drops 2x/day) and Progon B L 4x (4 drops 2x/day). Again the labels say to apply topically, but these products are best  absorbed by swallowing down, not holding in mouth. Phyto B has both Estrogen and Progesterone together. You could also just use Phyto B by itself but that wouldn’t be as much Progesterone as with the Progon B. If confused: The program that is best for most people is the second program (combines Phyto B and Progon B) and then learn how to customize your programs once you go through the training program.

Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Daniel Kalish is dedicated to teaching doctors Functional Medicine philosophy and practices. Through The Kalish Institute’s educational programs he has trained over 1,000 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method which solves patient challenges through a proven lab based approach.

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