H. Pylori Treatment Strategies: Stress Management, Mastika, and Anti-Inflammatories

Stress Management
Dr. Kalish: First question from Kelly was, I’m treating myself for H.pylori. I’m able to tolerate the Gastromend. Would 4 tablets twice a day on an empty stomach for 6-8 weeks be sufficient for treatment? Another practitioner suggested I take Interfase Plus with Gatromend; appreciate your opinions on this. Let me show you the general H.pylori treatment strategy. This is a common infection and we see it all the time. The number 1 thing is you have to handle the stress-related component, because H.pylori is going to get worse if the person is really stressed … so the adrenal stuff, diet and all the good things that you’re doing there. Whatever product you’re using from any company, most companies will have something that has Mastika in it. You want to get the dosages pretty high. You want to be sure that they have 1000mg of Mastika thrice a day. When do you give that is another question. It’s easiest for most people to remember to take the Mastika with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’d probably get the best compliance doing it that way. However with Mastika and with many of these digestive herbs, they’re considered to have a stronger effect on an empty stomach. You could also do the Mastika upon arising, mid morning and mid afternoon. It’s just so much harder for people to remember to take them on an empty stomach. The other thing especially with H.pylori treatments – probably this is less true with parasite treatments is that sometimes when they take it on an empty stomach, the herbs can be caustic and uncomfortable. H.pylori is obviously an infection in the stomach, so it can irritate the stomach lining in and of itself. Taking the Mastika on an empty stomach can be unpleasant and a little bit painful for people. I usually recommend it just breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 reasons. One if you’re less likely to have side effects, the other is it’s more likely that people will remember. However if you get somebody who can handle the Mastika-type products on an empty stomach, it’s probably a little more effective to do it on an empty stomach assuming they can remember that. If someone is really into doing it perfectly and they’ll remember everything, you can definitely try 3 times a day on an empty stomach. In general along with the Mastika, you also want to have some anti-inflammatory or gut repair product. Some people might do a biofilm disruptor; whatever you’re using that’s a complementary product and is going to help the Mastika work better. Every company has these products. I use the GI Revive powder quite frequently from DFH, or some similar anti-inflammatory powder. A lot of companies also make pills that do something similar. The question that Kelly posted about Interfase, that could work really well. Almost every company should have an anti-inflammatory gut repair product. The other thing that’s specifically good for stomach cases is deglycyrrhizinated licorice root or DGL. DGL is very different from licorice root. The regular licorice root we use for boosting up cortisol. The DGL is an anti-inflammatory for the stomach. The idea with the H.pylori in the bigger picture is that you’re doing one thing at least like the Mastika to kill it, and then some anti-inflammatory/gut repair products along with it. Some companies cram all these things together. Gastromend has got a repair product and the killing product together. Other companies separate them out and you have to get 2 different things, but the idea remains the same. If the person is not doing well with the H.pylori program, you can add in probiotics. Usually those are given at bedtime to smooth the transition. I don’t usually do that but if the person is really struggling, you can do that for sure.

Dr. Dan Kalish

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