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Best Functional Medicine Practices by Dr. Kalish

Essential Lab Tests for a Complete Immune System Work Up Using Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine has a long and rich history of innovation in the laboratory science field going back to the 1960's. Thanks to generations of researchers, lab directors and clinicians, our...  […]

My Mom's Immune-Boosting Supplement Program

When the COVID outbreak first hit, I, like many of us, panicked and went into hoarding mode. Except, as a functional medicine practitioner, I skipped the toilet paper phase and...  […]

Inner Peace Is World Peace

My first mentor Lenny Cocco had a saying on his wall, "Inner Peace is World Peace," and he lived those words every day. Lenny exemplified the importance of healing internal...  […]

Functional Medicine Conventional Medicine Human Nutrition and Human Physiology

I have scant interest in human nutrition, however, I have a profound interest in human physiology. I leave concepts around human nutrition to nutritionists and dieticians and those who devote...  […]

Telemedicine Practice as a Means to Support Immune System

Telemedicine is here to stay. Running a full time or part time telemedicine practice with a focus on integrative and functional medicine is in my DNA! My teacher, Dr. Bill...  […]

Transtition (really fast) to Telemedicine for Functional Medicine Practitioners

Transition to Telemedicine Now: Starting a Functional Medicine Practice Using Telemedicine

As we face a crisis of unimaginable proportions those of us in private practice are scrambling to find solutions that will enable us to continue offering patient care. Transitioning to...  […]

Functional Medicine for Physicians

Functional Medicine Training for Physicians If you are interested in becoming a functional medicine physician you have amazing timing, the world is overflowing with patients looking for a doctor that...  […]

Functional Medicine Training For Chiropractic

Functional Medicine training for chiropractic I am a functional medicine chiropractor and have devoted my career to helping to bring more chiropractors into the field of functional medicine. For almost...  […]

Functional Medicine Treatment: Natural & Alternative Remedies

Functional medicine treatment encompasses a wide range of modalities. You’ll find some disagreements. However, there is a general consensus on what are the core areas that make up a well...  […]

Best Functional Medicine Practitioner Degree & Training Programs

There are many types of functional medicine practitioner training programs and I thought it worth laying out the history and development of the field so those of you who are...  […]

Functional Medicine Training For Pharmacists

For thousands of years every village, every town, every tribe had their version of what we now call a pharmacist - a trained health care provider who is responsible for...  […]

Functional Medicine Treatment for High Blood Pressure

What are the best natural supplements for high blood pressure? My preference is to run lab tests to determine the natural ways to lower blood pressure and blood sugar based...  […]

The History Of Functional Medicine

A radioactive spider bites a teenager. Your parents are murdered and you decide to avenge their deaths. Your planet is destroyed and your parents, wisely, at the last minute, toss...  […]

Functional Medicine & Normal Thyroid Levels

Determining normal thyroid levels is a far greater challenge than one would imagine. There are so many competing reasons to test thyroid hormones in the first place that each group...  […]

What Is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist

The field of Functional Medicine is growing so quickly that it is truly like the wild west. Somewhat lawless and disorganized, systems are a little unsteady, no real sheriff in...  […]

Functional Medicine FAQ's

Functional medicine frequently asked questions What really is functional medicine is a pretty frequently asked question. Functional medicine is shrouded in mystery and complexity. We talk about Cytochrome P-450 pathways...  […]

Functional Medicine Testing For Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are common complaints in all functional medicine practices. If you're my age (54) you can remember when depression was relatively rare. Back in the pre-toxicity era when...  […]

What Is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist? Nutrition and Functional Medicine

As the field of functional medicine grows there is a greater and greater need for a functional medicine nutritionist to work hand in hand with a functional medicine doctor. Just...  […]

Top Functional Medicine and Nutrition Supplements

The top functional medicine and nutrition supplements can be divided up into several categories. There are supplements we use based on lab tests, i.e. if your lab test shows you...  […]

Building a Career and Practice In Functional Medicine Part 2

Here is Part 1, Building a Career and Practice In Functional Medicine As I travel around the world teaching from Japan to New Zealand to New York city I am...  […]

What Is Functional Medicine & What Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do?

In the early 1990's I attended my first Functional Medicine seminar. In those years there would be 100-200 practitioners in a class, always taught by the field's founder, Dr. Jeffrey...  […]

Does Functional Medicine Really Work?

Is Functional Medicine Real? - Criticism & Review I’m a skeptical person by nature. I still, after 25 years of practicing question functional medicine, wonder every day does functional medicine...  […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine Pros and Cons - Benefits So I love Jimmy Fallon’s show. I love New York City in general. My grandfather, Max Kalish, was a well known socialist/realist artist...  […]

How to Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner

If you’re interested in how to become a functional medicine practitioner I have quite a bit to say on the subject so please read on. I’ve personally worked with several...  […]

Building a Career & Practice in Functional Medicine

Let’s discuss the top ten skills you need to develop to build a career in Functional Medicine starting with why you’d want to be a Functional Medicine specialist in the...  […]

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine Research, History & Definition I was at a functional medicine conference several months ago and I heard two doctors new to functional medicine talking and realized that the...  […]

Functional Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine

What Is Functional Medicine and Conventional Medicine? How are they different? During my travels around the United States I’ve visited many cities. Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, the list goes on....  […]

Is Functional Medicine Covered By Insurance?

Functional Medicine Insurance My clinic often receives calls from patients wondering are functional medicine doctors covered by insurance. There is no comprehensive functional medicine health care insurance plan available. Some...  […]

Functional Medicine vs Naturopath

What’s the Difference Between Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine What’s the difference between naturopathic and functional medicine? It’s a very good question. One that I have pondered for decades having...  […]

Getting Started With Lifestyle Coaching Skills For Stress

Step One Use of Questionnaires: Have your patient fill out Stress Questionnaire and Adrenal Questionnaire and review those to give ideas for direction of conversations you will have. Why do...  […]


STAGE 3 Adrenal Exhaustion This packet will explain these findings. It will let you know which supplements you should be taking based on those results and recommend diet and lifestyle considerations...  […]

Neuroendocrine & GI Integration - GI Markers

GI MARKERS Overgrowth can be caused by: Food allergies, use of NSAIDS, chronic antibiotic use, prescription drug use, and widespread use of antacids. Symptoms may include: Diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating,...  […]

Meal Guidelines For Blood Sugar Balancing

Eat 15-20 grams/protein at each meal, about palm-sized (2-3 eggs, 6-8 oz meat). Eat as many green, and then multi-colored (red, yellow, orange and purple) veggies as possible each day. Strive...  […]

Glycemic Control to Reduce Adrenal Stress

We have frequently been told that eating more complex carbohydrates than protein is healthy. However, it has been proven that an excess of carbohydrates to protein results in excess levels...  […]

Gluten Free Diet Reference for Practitioners

There is no more contentious health issue than the subject of how to choose foods that are right for you. People who want to eat healthy, nutritious foods are frequently...  […]

Symptoms and Corresponding Body Systems

Depression Hormonal – Most depression is related to adrenal or sex hormone imbalances. Lower than normal levels of DHEA, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen or progesterone will trigger a biochemically-induced depression. Neuroscientists...  […]

Symptoms and Condition Correspondence with Patients

This is a list of symptoms that are frequently present when patients have these conditions.* You can look at individual symptoms in this list to explain the 3 body systems. You...  […]

K + 2 Potassium (K/MG) Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses K + 2 Potassium (K/MG) in this educational supplement video.

Parasite Herbs: Artemisia Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses parasite herbs - artemisia in this educational supplement video.

Insulin Resistance Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Insulin Resistance in this education video.

Leaky Gut Repair Video - GI Revive (DFH)

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses leaky gut repair & GI Revive (DFH) Anti-Inflammatory Gut Repair Powder in this education video. What happens when you take GI Revive?

Enerphos Protocol Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses protocol using Enerphos in this education video.

Lipoic Acid Supreme - Blood Sugar Support Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Lipoic Acid, a blood sugar support supplement in this education video.

Candicid Forte - Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Candicid Forte/Yeast Herbs in this education video.

C. Diff Protocol

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses C. Diff Protocol in this education video.

Oxidation Methylation Protocol Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Oxidation Methylation Protocol in this education video.

Floramyces - Supplement Video

Supplement education video Floramyces by Dr. Dan Kalish: Supplement facts and wellness plan

Pregnenolone Drops Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Pregnenolone Drops in this education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

5-HTP Hydroxytryptophan Supplement Educational Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses 5-HTP Hydroxytryptophan in this education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

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