Kalish Method 101 – Online Course

Course Description

The self-paced online course is for those new to the Kalish Method and uses recorded lectures and case studies to convey an overview of our practical approach to patient care. This six-part lecture series encompasses each of the major subject areas covered in our year-long mentorship program, including stress hormones, neurotransmitters, thyroid, leaky gut, the GI/brain connection and detoxification. As a bonus, it also includes an introduction to the practice management concepts that are dealt with in detail in our My Practice Plan course. There are many options for Functional Medicine Training online. Other top notch institutions offer a degree in Functional Medicine, our programs take a practical, hands on Functional Medicine approach to solving patient problems.

In this program, we’ll look at a wide spectrum of the neuroendocrine system delving into three key areas that are the most common to encounter in practice. These include adrenal stress hormone physiology and HPA axis dysfunction, catecholamine and serotonin are also reviewed to incorporate neurotransmitter analysis along with thyroid function. Understanding the neuroendocrine system is the first step in the Kalish Method.

Step two looks at GI health. Concepts such as leaky gut and the GI/brain connection are investigated so you can begin to determine the type and extent of GI tissue damage in your patients. The third body system is detoxification and we’ll look at the role of toxins and how environmental toxicity can be the major factor in many cases. Taken together, these three body systems, Neuroendocrine, GI and Detoxification, make up the Kalish Method approach. You’ll find having a reproducible clinical model will facilitate patient education and patient compliance as well as guide you in your overall analysis so you start your treatments off in the best possible way, leading to fewer side effects and faster clinical outcomes.

What does this course include?

10 Hours of online lectures & videos

Downloadable Resources – Powerpoint PDFs and transcriptions of all lectures

Bonus eBook: The 5 Pillars of Building a Successful Practice

Course Syllabus

Our functional medicine philosophy shows you how to get started designing easy to implement health programs using our core clinical concepts.

  • Our Functional Medicine Treatment Model and Philosophy
  • How to differentiate between treating symptoms, body systems and underlying causes
  • The most clinically effective ways
    to sequence Functional Medicine treatments so you always know where to start with every new patient
  • The overall Treatment Map used in Dr. Kalish’s own practice to successfully work with chronically ill patients

Discover the reasons why the adrenal glands burn out and take a deeper look at how stress affects the connection between the HPA axis and HPT axis.

  • The three most common sources of stress and how you can easily explain the necessity of adrenal hormone testing to your patients
  • The keys to analyzing thyroid problems that can be treated usingnatural solutions
  • How the neurotransmitters play a role in the stress response and in creating common patient symptoms like fatigue, depression and anxiety

The gut suffers damage from both food and pathogens. Learn how sensitivities and allergies to certain foods can lead to leaky gut and upset the body’s microbiome.

  • How leaky gut and food allergies relate to many common complaints
  • The GI/Brain connection and how that impacts patient care
  • How we can test for in ammation generated neurotransmitter problems
  • The role of serotonin in gut and brain function

Delve into the multitude of toxins that we encounter daily, from organic solvents to pesticides to neurotoxins. Explore how to reduce toxin exposure and push these toxins out.

  • How toxins damage the brain
  • Simple steps to reduce toxin exposure
  • How commonly taken medications and supplements can lead to continued neurotransmitter depletion
  • Evidence that everyday toxins may be a direct cause of depression, fatigue, and other mood disorder (which ones to remove and nutrients requiredto optimize your body’s natural detoxi cation pathways)

Examine the 4 steps of neurotransmission and how transporters function. Learn the 3 types of brain imbalances and how to distinguish their root causes.

  • The power of boosting dopamine with patients suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue and weight gain
  • How neurotransmitters work
  • The three most common brain problems you’ll see in practice
  • The most accurate types of tests available for brain health

Building a profitable functional medicine practice relies on key factors like the quality of practitioners and staff, delivery of patient care, and managing the business.

  • How to identify the most common practice building mistakes, they are predictable and avoidable
  • New patient scripts and questionnaires
  • The business planning and financial planning required to build a profitable practice
  • Patient communication and sales techniques to deliver better clinical results and better financial results
  • How to recover from (or better yet prevent) physician burnout

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for health care practitioners looking for a simple, practical Functional Medicine approach to building an all-cash clinic. For those overwhelmed with the complexity of the subject, the online classes present an easy to understand model that can be used for both clinical program design as well as to educate patients.  This introductory course shows how to apply Functional Medicine to complex cases using our simple Three Body System model.

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