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You’ve been right all along. There is a better way to treat your patients, grow your practice and find fulfillment in your career and life.

Experience the freedom, satisfaction and rewards that are missing in your practice


We’ve trained over one thousand doctors, including staff of the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mercola’s Optimum Health Clinic, making us the leading online functional medicine training program.


Our easy to learn methodology provides an exact starting point for all patients, a defined treatment map for even your most complex patients and predictable patient outcomes.


We teach a cash-based business model, designed to generate a healthy income for you, based on a stress-relieving work schedule. Profitability equals sustainability.


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5 Pillars of Building a Successful Practice

This book breaks down the twenty plus years of experience that Dr. Kalish has obtained helping doctors build their own successful functional medicine practices into five manageable pillars.

  • To me, the absolute most exciting thing about Dr. Kalish’s course is the immediate applicability of the material.  The way he has the material organized and the accessibility of him and other great practitioners through the Kalish Community means I’ve never felt without guidance.

    -Duncan Macdonald, LAc

  • I am grateful to Dr. Dan’s program for giving me the tools to change the way I practice medicine and evolve into the practitioner I want to be.

    – Mary Davis, DO

  • I was able to leave the conventional medical system and open my own private functional medicine practice where I can deliver care in the way I want to.

    -Amy Byers, NP

  • Dr. Dan trains you how to understand and perform testing that can be done directly in the patient / clients home – – that can be life changing.

    -Nate Bergman, DO

  • The Kalish mentorship was exactly what I needed at this stage in my career. The training has opened up so many ways I can be a more effective practitioner.

    -Kate Kennedy, ND


Receive a Free 15-min. Consultation

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How Does the Kalish Method Compare?

Integrating self-paced lectures, weekly live calls and active learning community, the Kalish Method concentrates on practical learning you can directly apply to improve your patients’ health outcomes.
Kalish Institute Other Programs
Functional Medicine Application Functional Medicine Theory
Case Based Practical Learning Research Study Based Learning
Specific Product Recommendations Supporting Science Behind Supplement Explained
Individual Cases, Specific Treatment Protocols Theoretical Models Explained
On-Line: Study Anywhere, Anytime In-Person Seminars: Requires Travel, Missed Work
Integrated Complete FM Treatment Model Independent Modules
Active Group Learning and Community with Peers Isolated Educational Experience
Focused Single-Model Treatment Program Overly Broad, Excellent Information, Hard To Apply
Business Training Guided By Business Expert Business Training/Expert Lacking
Practice Building Instruction Referral-Based Practice Building Based On High Pressure Sales
Clear Treatment Map/Business Model Great Information/Vague Implementation
For Use with Any Patient Base Oriented To Chronic Illness

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No other functional medicine educational program offers the comprehensive approach of the Kalish Method.
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