Transition to Telemedicine: Live Q & A

Course Description

This seminar series is for practitioners looking to transition to telemedicine.

Course Format:

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Twice weekly live Q&A sessions 

The live sessions will provide a forum for you to get answers to specific questions, and to help overcome any barriers you may experience in setting up your telemedicine clinic. They will allow us as a community to come together and share experiences and insights to help you quickly build a vibrant online practice. Your patients need this support right now, more than ever. Starting a telemedicine practice on your own is overwhelming. Joining a group with highly experienced telemedicine practitioners to coach you will allow things to come together quickly.

Course Material:

  • Intro to Business Operations: “How to get started” lessons on business operations including
    • Equipment required
    • Software that is intuitive and inexpensive 
    • Digital office tools that are essential to running a telemedicine practice.  
  • Sales & Marketing: How you can “sell to your install base” 
    • Focus your marketing on existing patients and then expand out from there.
    • How to transfer to an online delivery format. How to design email follow-up systems that can personalize your patients’ online experience. 
    • Building a robust tracking system for labs and supplement sales to ensure patient compliance and the scheduling of follow-up visits 
  • Personnel Requirements: Finding the right fit for your practice
    • Online Health Coach
    • Clinical care coordinator
    • Administrative assistant positions.  
  • Legal, Business and Financial Planning Issues 
    • Removing barriers to launching a telemedicine practice

What does this course include?

Online lectures & videos

Downloadable Resources

Bonus eBook: The 5 Pillars of Building a Successful Practice

Course Syllabus

Lessons on business operations including equipment required, software that is easy and inexpensive to use and the digital office tools that are at the heart of a smooth running telemedicine practice.

In an online environment that exists without person to person contact patient communication also needs to transfer to an online delivery format.

We will discuss the role of an online health coach and examine your staffing needs.

We will also examine legal, business planning and financial planning issues confronting a telemedicine approach so you can begin to launch a practice as soon as possible with the best legal, business and financial strategies in place.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for health care practitioners looking for a simple, practical Functional Medicine approach to building a telemedicine clinic. For those overwhelmed with the complexity of the subject, the online classes present an easy to understand model that can be used for both clinical program design as well as to educate patients.  This introductory course shows how to quickly set up a telemedicine practice.

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