Kalish Institute Patient Reviews

“I recommend Dr. Kalish to everyone! I have worked with him for over 10 years on and off. It has literally changed my life. I lived for years with low energy and ongoing stomach cramps. The labs he uses are the absolute best available and the supplements are the highest grade. I love more than anything that Dr. Kalish treats you like an intelligent individual and cares about your holistic health and long-term sustainability. Thank you for your commitment to care for all of your clients!”
Sara S., California
“Since starting treatment with Dr. Kalish, my energy and mood has increased 10-fold! As an added bonus, I’ve lost 18 pounds without even changing my diet!  I find it much easier to stay calm in stressful situations which continues to help tremendously in my day to day life. I recommend Dr. Kalish to everyone – he’s the only doctor I’ve ever been to who provides treatment that actually works!”
Angela M., Colorado
“My health has improved immensely. I was very lethargic, unmotivated, and a bit depressed. I would not handle stress very well at all, often breaking down into tears. Now, I’m less stressed and am able to handle pressures and deadlines with much more ease then ever before. My energy has drastically improved. Thank you Dr. Kalish!”
Andrea F., Canada
“I have been experiencing severe headaches for 7 years and with that, absolutely no energy or desire to be involved in anything. Since starting with Dr. Kalish and taking his specific supplements, I don’t have that depressed sense of doom. My life has gone from dull and overwhelming to a life filled with optimism and a lot more family giggles. Thank you Dr. Kalish for honestly changing my life.  You are not only very gifted and knowledgeable and exceptional in your field, but also patient, eager to listen and so very understanding.”
Danielle K., Grenada
“Almost every aspect of my life has improved.  I also no longer have to take afternoon naps just to make it through the day.  My stress levels have dramatically decreased, all thanks to his simple, all natural protocol. I am forever grateful!”
Jordan S., Colorado
“The hours of my sleep have increased. I’m happier and more full of energy, and in turn my husband is a lot happier – and we’re able to do a lot more together!”
Anonymous, California
“When I came to Dr. Kalish I was struggling on a daily basis with mood swings, fatigue, dizziness, hormonal and gut issues. Within months. both my husband and I are slowly gaining energy, ability to think and focus again. Life in general is much more manageable. We tried several other care givers but Dr. Kalish took the best of the therapies and put them together in such a way that not only educates us so that we can “help ourselves” but directs us in a the best way to get the results we are looking for as we try to regain our health. Thank you Dr. Kalish!”
Mr. & Mrs. Havener, Ohio
“After many years of suffering with my son through his unrelenting fatigue, muscle weakness, insomnia, anxiety and depression.  We’d worked with many wonderful and caring doctors over the years, but obtaining a diagnosis or finding relief had been very difficult.  Dr. Kalish’s comprehensive approach to treating adrenal fatigue gave me the hope I needed, and his kind and down-to-earth disposition was an unexpected blessing.  Within literally weeks of starting treatment my son seemed to come out of this fog that had been weighing him down and keeping him from finding direction in his life.  His fatigue lifted, his mood improved, he felt motivated and he began to find purpose. It’s only been a few months since we started treatment with Dr. Kalish but my son is now living on his own, holding down a job, working toward a degree in the medical field and has hope for the future. As a parent, I can say this is the miracle I’d only dared to dream of and I could never thank Dr. Kalish enough.”
Anonymous, California
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