6-Month Organic Acids Mentorship

Course Description

Class begins January 29th!

In the class we review each section of the Organic Acids test and present easy to apply solutions for the most common health problems facing clinicians today. The subjects we’ll cover include mitochondrial energy production through measuring fat metabolism, carb metabolism and the various steps of the citric acid cycle. These markers will show how well your patient can burn fat and carbs demonstrating the extremely common problems of insulin resistance and blocked fat burning. By correcting mitochondrial problems you can accelerate weight loss and dramatically improve energy levels.

The course reviews test markers that reveal common B vitamin deficiencies with folate, B12, B5 and B6, all of which can contribute to a host of chronic health problems. There is an extensive section on neurotransmitters and how to differentiate stress related neurotransmitter deficits from inflammatory brain disorders to help with problems ranging from depression and anxiety to memory loss, compulsive overeating and sleep disorders.

The class includes detailed analysis of oxidative stress patterns and liver detoxification capacity by measuring 8-OH-DG, glutathione pathways and other variables that are the hallmark of all chronic illnesses including heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as conditions such as chronic fatigue and autoimmune illnesses. GI markers for bacterial and yeast overgrowth and their appropriate treatments are also part of this course.

Dr. Richard Lord, the original developer of organic acids testing, is Dr. Kalish’s personal mentor and continues to bring us fresh insights and the latest science to this exciting area of functional medicine.


  • Weekly Live Classes and Community: All classes are taught by Dr. Kalish, learn from your own patient cases and cases of your fellow students in a live weekly webinar. The sense of community you’ll develop within our online platform with your fellow practitioners is as important as the course content itself.
  • Online Lectures and Case Library: Process all the new information from online lectures in your own time as you apply the knowledge to your patients, browse through over 2,000 case studies and hundreds of clinical topics to enhance your expert understanding
  • Assignments, Reading, Testing, Time Commitment:Designed for the busy clinician juggling family and practice, all live classes are recorded so it’s easy to catch up if you are busy or fall behind.

Course Video


In this video Dr. Kalish explains the benefits of Organic Acids testing in a functional medicine practice. You will also learn how you can benefit your patients and your treatment plans with this test.

What does this course include?

6-Month Guided Mentoring w/ Dr. Kalish

Weekly Live Classes taught by Dr. Kalish

Ongoing Community Exchange

Online Lessons & Case Library with over 2,000 cases

Assignments, Reading, and Testing

Downloadable resources: presentations, audio, and transcription

Course Syllabus

Understand the depth and scope of treatment options opened up to you by organic acids testing and how this can impact every aspect of your patient’s nutrient imbalances.


Lessons include:

  • Treating the 4 Horsemen
    Begin the exciting step of using treatment strategies incorporating all aspects of the organic acids test based off the 4 Horsemen and see what results are now possible with even the most complex patients.


  • Organic Acids Individual Markers
    Start to unravel the complexity of the individual test markers, so you can get to a more advanced level of applying organic acid test results for their full effect.


  • Treatment Methodologies
    Discover how to integrate each of the 7 sections of the organic acids test into your protocols in a variety of clinical situations, giving you more flexibility in the use of this potent clinical tool.

Learn the truth about the prevalence of environmental toxins and how much they affect our patient’s lives by creating a myriad health complaints.


Lessons include:

  • Toxins
    Pursue the explanations surrounding health impact of the multitude of toxins that we encounter on a daily basis from organic solvents to pesticides and neurotoxins.


  • Body Burden and Genetics
    We all have our own individual body burden, the amount of toxicity our body holds. Investigate the factors that contribute to our toxicity levels and how modern technology helps us understand this problem.


  • Detox Nutrients
    Realize the critical role of pathways for detox and the need for nutrients to support those pathways. We will discuss sulfur compounds and mobilizing substances that are required to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

Discover how often common patient complaints like fatigue, depression and anxiety are directly related to brain health and what you can do to reverse these issues.


Lessons include:

  • Neurotransmission
    Where your neurotransmitters end up being located controls neurotransmission.  In this section we will discuss the 4 steps of neurotransmission and how transporters shuffle brain chemicals from one place to another.


  • Brain Imbalances and Depletion
    A broken brain easily results from 3 types of neurotransmitter issues: nutrient deficiencies, physical and toxin generated damage type and genetics.


  • The Brain Under Stress
    Stress fries brain cells (remember the ad, “This is your brain on drugs?”) We’ll explore the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and which chemicals are involved when our brain is under stress.


  • Neuroendocrine & GI Integration
    The gut is the second brain so much so that the exact same chemicals we think with control GI function. Discover why inflammation and the microbiome are key components in brain function.

Understand how correcting fat burning and mitochondrial function leads to dramatic improvements in patient outcomes, boosting mood, energy and well-being.


Lessons include:

  • Mitochondrial Energy
    Without ATP production everything we do would stop. It is a central factor in how much energy we feel, how much fat we burn and well we detox, yet his critical process is prone to disruption from oxidative stress.


  • Nutrient Replacement
    Understanding clinical nutrition treatment options requires a lifetime of study. This section gets you started and reviews the basics we should all be looking at including macronutrients, key vitamins and minerals.

Who is this course for?

This course is for every clinician who has yet to apply organic acids testing to their challenging patients. It’s also for everyone that has ever run an organic acids test just to be frustrated by the difficulties in applying the results effectively with patients. You can’t read a computer generated report and understand the complexity of a patient’s problems.

Dr. Kalish teaches all the tips and tricks involved in accurate interpretation of the lab results and exactly what supplements will work best. Through the course work you’ll understand all the connections between various chronic conditions and where is the best place to start with each new patient.

What you will get out of it?

The skills you will acquire from taking this course include the ability to effectively interpret an organic acids panel to determine what is the primary issue impacting a patient and what can be improved using clinical nutrition. Do they have oxidative stress issues? Is it a dopamine problem? Is the dopamine problem from an inflammatory condition or is it from stress? Has mitochondrial energy production collapsed? Do they have yeast overgrowth? These essential questions are all addressed on this one test panel. Organic acid testing is turning into a basic requirement for any functional medicine assessment.

6-Month Kalish Method Mentorship

  • 6-Month Guided Mentoring
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Community Exchange
  • Online Lessons & Case Library