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Course Description

This is an online Functional Medicine training for practitioners ready to start learning a practical “hands on” approach to patient treatments. Other institutions offer excellent Functional Medicine degree programs, which are theoretical and academic in nature. This course is quite different because it focuses on the practical application of treatments for a wide range of health conditions, which you can put into action right away. You’ll learn the concepts, tools and applications essential to supplement program design, when to order labs and what tests to use to address the most common complaints seen in clinical practice.

The course has three components. We start off looking at you, your goals and helping to define your purpose. Then the bulk of the course material focuses on applying clinical nutrition programs by making specific supplement recommendations. We cover each element of supplement program design and treatment prioritization so you can learn to create clinically effective programs that patients will actually stick with. The last portion of the course is an introductory section covering the business basics required to getting started.

What does this course include?

Over 10 hrs of online lessons

15 easy to implement protocols

Module reviews & quizzes

Downloadable resources: presentations and patient forms

Course Syllabus

We start off in Module 1 by looking at your goals and purpose in pursuing this work. Think of the course as a roadmap for your Functional Medicine journey, the first section will help you define where you want to go. We’ll also review all the common misunderstandings and mistakes that are typically made in the early years of practice so you will have a seamless transition into Functional Medicine.

This section looks at 8 Steps to starting your functional medicine career and will help you develop your mission and vision statements. We wrap up this module by taking an in depth look at practitioner burn out and how to avoid this common trap.

Lessons include:

Goal Setting & Skills – To guide you to the right practice model you need a clear map. This starts with defining your destination through goal setting. We’ll review all essential skills required to make your practice work.

Getting Started – We’ll look at 8 steps to guide you while starting with every new patient. These 8 steps take you from that first consultation to the final wellness plan putting the proper foundation in place for a sustainable, cash based, referral practice.

Functional Medicine Basics – We’ll take an overview of the profession, it’s history, other training programs and how you can best lay out a plan for all your educational pursuits. It’s not just about this one course, it’s about developing all the professional abilities you’ll need to be happy in your career.

Finding Your Purpose– Most of us embark on this Functional Medicine journey without a map as if we’re traveling in a new country where you don’t understand the language and you’re lost! Building your “map” requires knowing your purpose and this ensures you’ll be heading in the right direction from the beginning.

Module 1 Review

Module 2, Fundamentals of Patient Interaction delves into how to conduct new patient interviews, the types of patient’s one encounters and strategies to work with people under a wide variety of situations. We have case review sessions as well to emphasize development of your patient communication skills.

This section also looks at how to sell labs and supplements as well as maintain follow up compliance, two aspects of the work often ignored. Running a practice means working with people and people require management and follow up. There is also an extensive section on patient education and how to help coach patients to make the all too difficult lifestyle changes required in this approach.

Lessons include:

Mastering the Patient Relationship – Patient communication skills will lead to increased sales, new patient referrals from friends and family, as well as patient compliance to supplement and lifestyle changes. All this adds up to clinical excellence!

Patient Intake – The first patient consultation is fraught with challenges. We’ll discuss foolproof methods for connecting with the various types of patients you’ll encounter.

Sales & Follow-up – Many of us come out strong with new patients getting them enrolled and enthusiastic about programs only to fall apart on follow up. Though a bit tedious to deal with, a top notch follow up system is essential for maintaining clinical outcomes and long term sales.

Life Style Coaching – We’ll discuss how to approach initiation of lifestyle changes in a way that is realistic for patients to adhere to. When the benefits and value of these changes are explained well, people will engage and follow through.

Module 2 Review

Module 3, Fundamentals of Supplement Prescribing will be a crash course in mastering supplement program design. Using Dr. Kalish’s 3 Body System model we will cover clinical nutrition subjects ranging from specific supplements and best practices regarding ingredients and dosages to how to convince people to stay on supplements long enough for significant changes to be achieved.

We’ll look at in house testing for pH, zinc and Vitamin D as well as cover individual nutrients most often prescribed by Functional Medicine doctors. This section also includes a perspective on when you need to order labs and how to explain this step to patients. This course does not include lab interpretation, that subject is covered in our more advanced courses. However, we will discuss common physiological damage that occurs, which can be treated without extensive lab work and take an in depth look at treatment sequencing and the elements of program design required for consistently good outcomes.

Lessons include:

Mastering Supplement Programs – We will go in depth on the five elements of program design required to build a supplement program. Addressing all the blocks and resistance to taking supplements ahead of time leads to the best outcomes.

Clinical Nutrition – Focus on the most common scenarios encountered in practice and the various supplement protocols to start with. We’ll look at the models for various types of treatment so you have a system in place and an understanding of what to do.

Supplements – We’ll review all the common supplements used in practice, how to prescribe them and how to educate patients as to their use. We’ll also look at common side effects and ways to avoid mistakes.

Program Design – The details of program design are covered including ideal treatment sequences and where to start. We will also review when lab testing may be required based on initial presentation or based on response to a supplement program.

Protocol Classifications – Having a system for you to use both in determining what supplements are best in a given situation as well as for use as a patient education tool brings organization and clarity to a confusing subject. We’ll lay out your options in depth.

Module 3 Review

Module 4, Practice Management Fundamentals Intro is a brief introduction to the basic business concepts one needs to consider when starting up a new practice and when one wishes to scale up an existing clinic.

We’ll look at business strategy, financial planning and business operations along with sales and marketing. An extensive practice management training is available through our 3 month Practice Management Fundamentals course.

Lessons include:

Practice Management Basics– This brief introduction to business concepts is intended to get you thinking about this other aspect of your clinic. Once you feel comfortable with supplement protocols and patient coaching, you’ll want to address this next.

Business Strategy – Practitioners (that’s you), patients and your practice, the three P’s of building a sustainable, profitable clinic. The more planning you do the more mistakes you’ll avoid.

Financial Planning Basics – Though painful, financial planning is essential to see if your ideas will work in the real world. Without a financial plan it’s easy to work long hours for very little money.

Business Operations – Logistics and operations are the engines that keep our practices running. A great doctor with poor operational support ends up frustrated and unable to execute their mission.

Sales & Marketing – We all disdain the word “sales” but it’s a necessary evil to confront. Properly done, sales and marketing efforts will lead to better patient results and long term compliance.

Self Care – Back to you. The most important person in this equation to keep healthy is the practitioner. Most of us face burnout at some point, learn how to avoid it.

Module 3 Review

Functional Medicine Fundamentals Review


Who is this course for?

This class is for those just starting out, that are relatively new to functional medicine and want to incorporate it into their existing practice or those interested in starting a new practice centered on functional medicine.

The class is based on a patient-centered functional medicine approach. We’ll cover the basics of patient communication and clinical nutrition prescribing. This is a “how to” course with an emphasis on non-lab based treatment options for both simple and complex patients. We’ll discuss exactly which supplements to use, how to design a protocol and the importance of lifestyle coaching.  The course does not include laboratory interpretation. There is also an introduction to practice management to help guide you as you begin to navigate your way through all the aspects of running a business.

1 Year Kalish Method Mentorship (Includes 6-Month Organic Acids)

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