Business Essentials Bootcamp – Starts July 8, 2020

Course Description

Business Essentials Bootcamp is a fast-paced deep-dive on all aspects of running a profitable functional medicine practice.

From setting up your office to financial and business planning, sales, and marketing, the curriculum covers the essentials for both brick-and-mortar and telemedicine practices.

You’ll learn from real life case studies of practices we have helped to get up and running as well as from the dedicated members of the Kalish Community.

Course Highlights:

  • Financial and business planning
  • Sales and marketing step-by-step
  • Business workflows to improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice
  • Learn from real life case studies: What’s worked and what hasn’t worked
  • Fundamentals for creating reducing overhead and a cash-based practice

What does this course include?

8-Week Guided Mentoring w/ Dr. Kalish

Hands-on Assignments

Online Lessons

Webinars and live Q&A with other practitioners

Course Syllabus

  • Legal Strategy
  • Systems and Operations
  • Roles
  • Planning
  • Finances
  • Goals
  • Numbers
  • Case Study
  • Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Hiring
  • Systems
  • Case Study
  • Implementation
  • Intake
  • Dialogue
  • Follow Up
  • Presentations
  • Case Study
  • Implementation
  • Selling
  • Lead Funnel
  • Case Study
  • Implementation
  • Branding
  • Value Ladder
  • Case Study
  • Implementation

Who is this course for?

The 8-week Functional Medicine Business Essentials Bootcamp is for licensed clinicians serious about transitioning to telemedicine, setting up a new functional medicine practice OR for those practitioners who have been in practice for many years and are looking to streamline and simplify their clinic. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to give your practice a boost right away.

One-Year Mentorship with Advanced Testing and Functional Genomics and Telemedicine

  • 15 Monthly payments of $995
  • 12-Months Guided Mentoring
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Lifetime access to lectures
  • Community Exchange
  • Online Lessons & Case Library

$995/ month

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