Mentorship with Advanced Testing, Functional Genomics and Telemedicine

Class begins March 29, 2021


Weekly Live Calls with Dr. Dan Kalish – Once enrolled, you’ll have a choice of one of the following weekly live call times: Tuesdays at 9am PT, Tuesdays at 5pm PT, Wednesdays at 8am PT or Wednesdays 9am PT. All calls are recorded and available to enrolled students.


This 12-month intensive Functional Medicine program is a comprehensive, interactive training that includes the fundamentals of transitioning to Telemedicine, as well as a deep-dive training on advanced lab test analysis, functional genomics, lifestyle changes and program design systems.

It delivers all of the tools and skills you’ll need to confidently assess and treat your patients either through telemedicine or in your clinic. Course includes a simple and clinically impactful practice model showing you where to start and the specific lab tests and supplements to use. We review business and practice management issues each week.

In the weekly Q and A sessions, we also review complex patient cases; interpreting lab tests, making lifestyle change recommendations, and creating supplement protocols. In addition to the Telehealth course materials, the Mentorship also includes analysis of advanced labs looking at amino acids, fatty acids and organic acids with a focus on the genetic issues present in complex cases.

      • Weekly Live Classes and Community: All classes are taught by Dr. Dan Kalish; Learn from your own patient cases and cases of your fellow students in a live weekly webinar. The practitioner community you’ll develop within our online platform is as valued as the course content itself.
      • Online Lectures and Case Library: Process the information from online lectures in your own time as you apply the knowledge to your patients, browse through case studies and clinical topics to enhance your expert understanding
      • Assignments, Reading, Testing, Time Commitment: Designed for the busy clinician juggling family and practice, all live classes are recorded so it’s easy to catch up if you are busy or fall behind.
      • Access to lectures and course materials for 24 months from the date class starts (12-Month BONUS)

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How You’ll Learn is Almost as Exciting as What You’ll Learn

Case-based Learning:

  • 500+ Real patient cases presented live with Dr. Kalish
  • Proceed through the course at your own pace, digesting information as you apply it to your practice.


  • Weekly live Q&A with Dr. Kalish

The Foundation of the Kalish Method Mentorship




Core curriculum in a concise functional medicine model that will generate life-changing patient outcomes.
Video and audio lectures that teach you practical, easy to understand functional medicine concepts – and how to apply them in your practice.
Weekly review of your patient cases with Dr. Kalish
These valuable forums are live webinars, offered at both morning and evening times to suit your time zone, accessible via computer or smart phone.

Our active, supportive online community offers a valuable forum for participating and interacting with others in your area or specialty. Built around the latest social community software framework, it allows you to:

  • Create your profile, post questions, respond to other doctors’ questions
  • Connect with fellow MD’s, LAc’s, DC’s, ND’s, pharmacists, nutritionists, psychologists and other health professionals
  • Expandable Course Syllabus

Who is This Course For?

The 12-Month Functional Medicine Mentorship is for LICENSED CLINICIANS serious about transitioning to telemedicine, setting up a new functional medicine practice OR for those practitioners who have been in practice for many years and are looking to streamline and simplify their clinic. You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to treat patients effectively and can implement the tools you gain into your own practice right away! Enrollment open to licensed clinicians only.  

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Course Syllabus

Discover how interplay between lifestyle factors and functional medicine lab testing allows us to design life changing programs.

  • Functional Medicine Philosophy – Our functional medicine philosophy gives you a core treatment model you can apply to every new patient regardless of their symptoms.
  • The 4 Horsemen – Most patients suffer from four devastating types of on-going physiological damage, which we refer to as the 4 Horsemen: Inflammation, Catabolic Physiology, Insulin Resistance and Oxidative Stress
  • Lifestyle Factors – Functional medicine treatments depend on the success of diet, exercise, sleep and meditation practices that directly address patient’s deepest underlying problems.
  • Supplements – Understanding which nutrition supplements are required to heal each body system based on the lab results is required for any good functional medicine program.
Understand the reasons why the adrenal glands burn out and begin looking at testing and correcting for HPA axis dysfunction.

  • Stress and Fatigue – See how the three main initiators of illness: emotional, dietary and inflammatory stresses accumulate and cause adrenal exhaustion often resulting in weight gain, fatigue, depression, GI issues and female hormone problems.
  • How Cortisol Works – Brush up on the complex physiology behind cortisol and DHEA, with an emphasis on clinical application and patient communication skills.
  • Correcting Cortisol Imbalances – We will demonstrate specific techniques for resetting HPA axis dysfunction and repairing the adrenal glands allowing you to reduce the health impact of chronic stress.
  • Chronic Stress Response – From cortisol over production and adrenalin surges to outright depletion of our stress hormone reserves, we’ll cover each step of adrenal burn out and what you can do for even your most chronic patients.
  • Thyroid – Every stressed out person has a potential for thyroid issues. Explore how thyroid dysfunction relates to inflammation, autoimmunity and the 3 body systems.
Uncover the secret to solving many of your toughest cases by finding GI pathogens and eliminating them with the ideal treatment sequence.

  • GI Treatments – For centuries the central tenant of naturopathic medicine has always involved improving GI status. GI lab reports form the cornerstone of functional medicine programs even for patients without obvious GI problems.
  • Bacteria and Yeast – Yeast and bacterial overgrowth in the GI tract impact most patients and in this section we’ll see just how important treating yeast and bacterial overgrowth can be.
  • Parasites – Parasites are the most often overlooked and under-diagnosed cause of health problems in our patients. Discover exactly how these infections can cause so much turmoil.
Explore the primary role of food in generating inflammation and tissue damage and how to resolve these issues using diet.

  • Elimination Diet – Every bit of food we eat will be anti-inflammatory and healing or pro-inflammatory and cause damage. Learn how elimination diets play a role in reducing inflammation and healing the gut.
  • Food Addiction – Compulsive overeating impacts the majority of patients in our practices. Discover how frequently food addiction problems are over looked and how to spot them early.
  • Food Reactions – Most people simply don’t know what to eat and often the more they fixate on the issue the more confused they become. We’ll get to the heart of the matter so we can direct patients to the most impactful diet changes.
Learn how to interpret month-long female hormone lab tests and develop the ability to work successfully with peri- and post-menopausal female hormone lab protocols.

  • Intro to Female Hormones – Discover that hormones rarely dysfunction in isolation from the rest of the body, instead they are reacting to neuroendocrine, GI and toxin related problems
  • Cycling Female Hormones – Being in sync with the natural hormone rhythms creates healthy hormones, while rhythm problems for cycling women can lead to infertility, migraines, anxiety depression and insomnia.
  • Cyclical Augmentation Protocols – Here you have it, 40 back-to-back lab reviews from Dr. Kalish’s patient practice designed to assist you in honing your lab interpretation skills.
  • Peri & Post Menopausal Programs – This section reveals the ease of designing integrated programs for women ages 45-55 that are just entering menopause and how to set up post-menopausal protocols.
Understand the depth and scope of treatment options opened up to you by organic acids testing and how this can impact every aspect of your patient’s nutrient imbalances.

  • Organic Acids Introduction – We will delve into the 4 Horsemen in depth and how underlying causes, physiological damage, body systems and symptoms are treated based on the organic acids test.
  • Treating the 4 Horseman – Begin the exciting step of using treatment strategies incorporating all aspects of the organic acids test based off the 4 Horsemen and see what results are now possible with even the most complex patients.
  • Organic Acids Individual Markers – Start to unravel the complexity of the individual test markers, so you can get to a more advanced level of applying organic acid test results for their full effect.
  • Treatment Methodologies – Discover how to integrate each of the 7 sections of the organic acids test into your protocols in a variety of clinical situations, giving you more flexibility in the use of this potent clinical tool.
Learn the truth about the prevalence of environmental toxins and how much they affect our patient’s lives by creating a myriad health complaints.

  • Introduction to Detoxification – Realize the value of looking at phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification including analysis based on measurements of oxidative stress, methylation and the detox pathways themselves.
  • Toxins – Pursue the explanations surrounding health impact of the multitude of toxins that we encounter on a daily basis from organic solvents to pesticides and neurotoxins.
  • Body Burden and Genetics – We all have our own individual body burden, the amount of toxicity our body holds. Investigate the factors that contribute to our toxicity levels and how modern technology helps us understand this problem.
  • Detox Nutrients – Realize the critical role of pathways for detox and the need for nutrients to support those pathways. We will discuss sulfur compounds and mobilizing substances that are required to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.
Discover how often common patient complaints like fatigue, depression and anxiety are directly related to brain health and what you can do to reverse these issues.

  • Neurotransmission – Where your neurotransmitters end up being located controls neurotransmission. In this section we will discuss the 4 steps of neurotransmission and how transporters shuffle brain chemicals from one place to another.
  • Brain Imbalances and Depletion – A broken brain easily results from 3 types of neurotransmitter issues: nutrient deficiencies, physical and toxin generated damage type and genetics.
  • The Brain Under Stress – Stress fries brain cells (remember the ad, “This is your brain on drugs?”) We’ll explore the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and which chemicals are involved when our brain is under stress.
  • Neuroendocrine & GI Integration – The gut is the second brain so much so that the exact same chemicals we think with control GI function. Discover why inflammation and the microbiome are key components in brain function.
Understand how correcting fat burning and mitochondrial function leads to dramatic improvements in patient outcomes, boosting mood, energy and well-being.

  • Mitochondrial Energy – Without ATP production everything we do would stop. It is a central factor in how much energy we feel, how much fat we burn and well we detox, yet his critical process is prone to disruption from oxidative stress.
  • Nutrient Replacement – Understanding clinical nutrition treatment options requires a lifetime of study. This section gets you started and reviews the basics we should all be looking at including macronutrients, key vitamins and minerals.
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