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Floramyces Supplements Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Floramyces – Supplement education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.  

Guidelines For Ordering Functional Medicine Test Kits

Overview The Functional Adrenal Stress Profile requires a series of four-time specific saliva collections (morning, noon, afternoon and nighttime) during a typical day on which cortisol is measured to establish...  […]

GTA Forte II - Dietary Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses GTA Forte II education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan for thyroids.

Menopausal Protocols

These are starting, general protocols to use with any woman who is in menopause. Recognize that the labs will show variations where you can choose if you want to use...  […]

Homocysteine Supreme Supplement Education Video Facts and Wellness Plan

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Homocysteine Supreme education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

FemmenessencePro: Supplement Education Video Facts and wellness plan

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses FemmenessencePro education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

Progon B- L4x - Supplement Facts, Video & Wellness Plan

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Progon B- L4x supplement education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

Anti-Microbial - Parasites/Yeast: Silvercillin Supplements Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Silvercillin - Supplement education video: Supplement facts and wellness plan.

Catabolic Physiology Supplements Protocol

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses Catabolic Physiology and recommended prescriptions in functional medicine in this free video.

DHEA Pregnenolone Drops - Supplement Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses DHEA Drops and recommended prescriptions in functional medicine in this free video.

Microbiome Protocol and Prescription Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses microbiome protocol and recommended prescriptions in functional medicine in this free video.

How to Promote Adrenal Stress Testing In Your Practice

The Big Five Symptoms and How They Relate to the Adrenal Glands - Saliva Index Test There are two basic techniques you can use to promote the adrenal stress testing...  […]

How to Present Adrenal Lab Findings to Patients

Adrenal Lab Test Report of Findings Session First, it's important to go over the patient communication steps during these lab findings. Three Steps to a 30 minute session: Step One:...  […]

Integrative Medicine vs Functional Medicine

What is integrative medicine and what is functional medicine? How are they different and how do they relate to one another? So first let me say we are all on...  […]

How to Test for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a mystery to most doctors, so testing for fibromyalgia can be a big challenge. What is it really? Nerve pain? Muscle pain? Nerve pain felt in the muscles...  […]

H. Pylori Treatment Strategies: Stress Management, Mastika, and Anti-Inflammatories

Description: Dr. Kalish: First question from Kelly was, I’m treating myself for H.pylori. I’m able to tolerate the Gastromend. Would 4 tablets twice a day on an empty stomach for...  […]

Mitochondrial NRG - Supplement Video

Watch this free video about Mitochondrial NRG Supplements to enhance treatment and to provide the best practice in functional medicine by Dr. Dan Kalish

Can Congestive Heart Failure Be Reversed?

How to Reverse Heart Disease If you are wondering how to reverse heart disease the answer has been clearly delineated by a group of doctors who have devoted their professional...  […]

What Are Normal Magnesium Levels?

What Does It Mean When Your Magnesium Is Low? Magnesium- The Miracle Cure We learn from our failures perhaps more than from our moments of success. One of my first...  […]

How Are LDL, HDL and Cholesterol Related to Heart Disease?

HDL to Cholesterol Ratio: How to Prevent Heart Attacks When I first learned about Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s research and his seemingly outrageous statement that he can make any person, any...  […]

What Are Normal Hemoglobin a1c Levels?

What Does Hemoglobin A1c Mean & Normal Range/Levels We all hear the news that prediabetes and diabetes rates are raging to new heights. This is a particularly tragic condition since...  […]

How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Body?

Detoxify Plastics (Phthalates) I was invited to speak at a conference in Arizona hosted by one of our nation’s best physicians, Dr. Ben Lynch and one of the joys of...  […]

Detox Presentation Transcript

Dr. Kalish: Welcome, Dr Dan Kalish here once again. We’re going to talk about detoxification today. That’s me on the right back in the day and on the left is...  […]

What Are The Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms?

How to Cure Leaky Gut I’m frequently asked by patients, “What is leaky gut syndrome, how did I get it and what can I do to resolve my problems?” These...  […]

Anti-Inflammatory Protocol & Prescription Video

Dr. Dan Kalish discusses anti-inflammatory protocol and recommended prescriptions in functional medicine in this free video.

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

How to Maintain a Normal Blood Sugar Range When I was in my first year of practice I remember a very clear realization flashed throughout my brain, “I seriously can’t...  […]

What Increases Cholesterol Levels in the Blood?

Controversies Over What Raises Cholesterol The question of what raises your cholesterol is quite clear, yet the integrative medicine community to a large extent sends mixed messages on this issue....  […]

Getting Oriented With Organic Acids

Interpreting the Test, Important Markers, and Amino Acid Supplements I’ve been using Organic Acids testing to determine the best amino acid supplement to recommend to patients for over twenty years....  […]

Detoxification Protocols Video

Watch this free video about detoxification protocol to enhance treatment and to provide the best practice in functional medicine by Dr. Dan Kalish

Keeping Up With The Kalish's - Road Trip With My Son

So this past weekend I took a few days off work, both teaching and patients and took a road trip with my son. We rented a Camaro convertible and bombed...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's: Relevance And Urgency

How do we create relevance and generate a strong sense of urgency to act. How do you take someone who has struggled to make changes and get them to move...  […]

Steven Wright Discusses Internet Branding and Marketing: From Nothing to a Waiting List of Clients

This month Dr. Kalish has an interview with his good friend, health engineer and author, Steven Wright. Steven took the training program a few years ago, and started SCDlifestyle.com in...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's - Patient Communication Skills

Key factors in improving patient communication skills include your confidence level, ability to explain complex concepts in simple ways using stories and analogies, and creating a sense of relevance and...  […]

Treatment for Autism with the right food and nutrients

Can Body Chemistry influence the Brain Chemistry? I recently had the great pleasure to interview Julie Matthews, an expert on dietary treatment for autism. Is there a magic autism cure?...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's - Confidence

My first time I had to open a treatment door by myself, walk in and treat a patient I was so nervous I was shaking and I felt like a...  […]

Alternative Medicine: How Real Is Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic?

Why practitioners fail! Dr. Lorne Brown has become a close colleague of mine, I respect his work highly and all that he does to support the acupuncture community through the...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's: Diets That Prevent Health Problems Vs. Diets That Can Cure Health Problems

Every single functional medicine teacher I was trained by operated under the assumption that patients would require animal protein to heal. For our steadfast vegetarian patients we’d have to supplement...  […]

Digestion and the Blood Chemistry Screen, By Dicken Weatherby

Original Article: http://www.bloodchemistryanalysis.com/articles/digestion.html For more information on Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Click Here Hypochlorhydria, or the insufficient production of stomach acid, is a very common clinical problem with influences far...  […]

Keeping Up with the Kalish's- Treating Chronic Illness Exclusively

My main functional medicine teacher Dr. Timmins died ten years ago this week and it’s been a time of reflection for me about the past and the history of our...  […]

The Nutritional Reversal Of Cardiovascular Disease “ Fact Or Fiction? Three Case Reports By Dr. Esselstyn And Dr. Golubic

The epidemic of cardiovascular disease is nonexistent in cultures, which thrive predominantly on whole foods, plantbased nutrition. Is it logical to assume that patients with this disease would be willing...  […]

Michael Cohen Discusses Legal Issues In Integrative And Functional Medicine: History, Licensing, And Tele-Medicine

Michael H. Cohen has pioneered the field of legal issues in integrative health. He served as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Adjunct faculty at Harvard School...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's- Dr. Kalish Discusses Published Research Study Using The Kalish Method

What is the background for this study? What are the main findings? Several years ago a group of practitioners from the Mayo Clinic, including Sue Cutshall and Larry Bergstrom took...  […]

Dr. Izabella Wentz’s Insightful Talk On Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Dr. Izabella Wentz Pharm.D., FASCP is a solution focused clinical pharmacist who took The Kalish Method Mentorship Program in 2013. She has since created quite a remarkable career from both...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's - Why You Can't Lose Weight On A Diet (From The New York Times)

This fascinating article from the New York Times shows the struggles so many people go through in trying to keep off body fat that they have lost from extreme diets...  […]

Dr. Michael Ruscio’s Discussion Of The Gut, Microbiota And Thyroid For Practitioners

Dr. Ruscio is a functional medicine practitioner, researcher and author with a B.S. in exercise kinesiology and a chiropractic degree. He practices Functional Medicine with an emphasis on natural and...  […]

Yeast Infection Linked To Mental Illness

In a study prompted in part by suggestions from people with mental illness, Johns Hopkins researchers found that a history of Candida yeast infections was more common in a group...  […]

Eating Disorders

Host: Dr. J. Renae Norton  http://www.eatingdisorderpro.com Topic: Eating Disorders Join Dr. Norton and Dr. Kalish as they talk about how eating disorders affect the hormonal system and how to correct...  […]

The Tao Diet

I find myself often regarding my own diet as a deeply personal issue, one of personal health, personal goals, and personal failures. I see the same pattern in most of...  […]

Effects of Environmental Toxins

Host: Dr. Daniel Kalish Topic: Organic Acids Testing - Detox Everyone in the United States has become saturated with chemicals and heavy metals from mercury, benzene, arsenic and lead to...  […]

Keeping Up With The Kalish's: The New Vegetarianism

When I was 18 years old people used to joke about me that if you put Dan in a closet with some water for a few days I'd probably sprout!...  […]

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