What is The Kalish Method

An Introduction by Dr. DANIEL KALISH, D.C.

How many of your patients suffer from fatigue or depression, or are gaining weight, having digestive problems, or experiencing female hormone imbalances?

Most, if not all of them.

When I began practicing twenty years ago, people suffering from one or more of these debilitating conditions had few places to turn to receive the care they needed to get better. As the years have gone by, my own clinical experience has mirrored what we have all read in the national statistics; more and more people are being hit by this set of related disorders—feeling tired, depressed, gaining weight, experiencing heartburn and other digestive problems, and battling with female hormone issues—collectively, what I call the “Big Five.”

I decided I needed to do something about this and so I made it my life’s work to educate as many people as possible as to the natural solutions available for these five common problems. Along the way I’ve learned how to identify those people I can help using the Kalish Method. The Kalish Method employs the modality of functional medicine, so let me tell you what functional medicine is and how this new system of natural healing can help you drive your practice by making your patients feel better.

Functional medicine uses lab-based natural health programs along with lifestyle changes to reverse all of the Big Five disorders. One of the things I like most about functional medicine is that it’s based on laboratory science. At the same time, the rebel in me likes that these functional lab tests differ from conventional lab testing, in that they aren’t designed to pick up a disease after it occurs, but are instead designed to find health problems early on so they can be effectively reversed with natural therapies, avoiding the unnecessary use of drugs or surgery.

The Kalish Method is not a cure-all; it does not cure cancer, reverse bone loss, or fix heart disease. What the Kalish Method does is work incredibly well for the related Big Five conditions. If you or your patients suffer from any one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

In the beginning years of my practice I mastered the naturopathic treatments for adrenal hormone imbalances, digestive problems, and detoxification. The incorporation of those first three body systems in The Kalish Method reflects the heritage of time-tested natural medicine protocols handed down from generation to generation that Dr. Timmins, my first mentor, passed on to me.

I hope that by navigating around this site, reaching out to our team for more information, and eventually enrolling in one of our training programs, you will be convinced that there is hope out there, and that no matter how sick you or your patients feel, or how long these conditions have persisted, The Kalish Method can help almost anyone start feeling better today.

No one can escape the effects of chronic stress. But, The Kalish Method provides a map for you and your patients to return, step by step, back to who you really are; healthy, vibrant, and content. I can promise you that my clinic is often the treatment of last resort for patients, and that the Kalish Method is where many people go when everything else has failed. My goal for you is to experience what it is like to have a constantly growing referral-based practice, and for your patients to have perfectly balanced hormones, brain chemicals, along with a healthy body; once you have this perfected your patients will be forever in debt to you. I’ve heard from hundreds of patients that when their body and brain are finally balanced they feel like a new person, because, in a very real way, they are.

This healing process is not for everyone. Patients must first admit, before healing, that much of what we suffer from is self-inflicted: poor diet choices, lack of exercise, and focus on work and career, not on family and relationships. But with The Kalish Method, you will have the power to get your patients back to a healthier way of living. Functional medicine testing and nutritional programs address one aspect of the problem. The other, you and your patients must confront together, through lifestyle coaching and support, that will help them regain what they deserve: a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Do you want to help your patients experience what that feels like?

The Kalish Method can help.