• Organic Acids Fundamentals - Online Course

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    Mastery of organic acids lab interpretation is a critical skill every functional medicine practitioner should acquire. This course presents how to analyze organic acids tests so you can create life changing supplement programs for patients with the following problems: mitochondrial energy deficits, insulin resistance, neurotransmitter imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, oxidative stress, liver detox pathway problems and bacterial and yeast overgrowth in the GI tract.

  • Kalish Method Mentorship - Online Course

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    In our Functional Medicine Mentorship program you will learn to practice the Kalish Method™ of functional medicine, developed from successful practical application over two generations of practitioners and 45 years of in-clinic experience which focuses on The Three Body Systems™ – Neuroendocrine, GI and Detox.

  • Practice Management Fundamentals - Online Course

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    Our functional medicine course online delivery is unparalleled. We use state of the art software to deliver a personable, easy to understand curriculum to enhance your functional medicine education regarding practice management.

  • Functional Medicine Fundamentals - Online Course

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    This online functional medicine training program shows you how to enhance your practice by focusing on patient communication skills, supplement program design, understanding your purpose and a brief introduction to business concepts.

  • Kalish Method 101 - Online Course

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    This online functional medicine survey course focuses on introducing the concept of a crystal clear clinical model that can be easily learned by doctors and equally easily communicated to patients helping to eliminate much of the complexity and confusion typical within the field.

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